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Greenwind Power Corp and Greenwind Power (Canada) Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenwind Power Corp USA, have announced they have raised US$ 10 million towards securing transmission rights with the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) for power to be generated by three wind farms being developed in southwest Alberta.

Greenwind and its partner, Energy Logics of Vancouver, are involved in seven wind energy projects in southwest Alberta to provide in excess of 600MW of potential wind energy production. The company has secured long-term leases on all projects, which are at various development stages from wind monitoring to full approvals from the Electric Utilities Board of Alberta (EUB). During the past year, the AESO committed to spending US$ 70 million on upgrades to the southwest Alberta transmission system in order to satisfy the growing development of wind farms in the region. With the investment of the US$ 10 million, Greenwind has reserved transmission capacity for the Yagos Wind Energy Inc and the Riverside Wind Energy Inc 100MW wind farms. In addition, Greenwind has attained a small interest in a third wind farm project that also has reserved transmission capacity on the grid.
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