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Senvion has signed definitive agreements to acquire the wind turbine nacelle production facilities and infrastructure, complete product portfolio suite, wind turbine inventory and the service operations of Kenersys India Private Limited, in Baramati, India.

The production facility of nearly 250MW of capacity has the potential to be expanded further. Senvion will be able to start its operations with the assets immediately after the closing of the transaction and obtaining the necessary approvals. With this acquisition, Senvion gets full rights to own, enhance and sell the Kenersys India product portfolio worldwide, including K82 (2.0 MW), K100 (2.6 MW), K110 (2.4 MW) and K120 (2.3 MW) in development. The existing products are also registered with the National Institute of Wind Energy, India, and hence available for Senvion immediately. Additionally, Senvion takes over the complete Indian service operations of Kenersys India Private Limited (220MW).

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