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Nordex has announced that customers ordered 359 wind turbines generating a combined nominal output of 1,477MW during Q4 o 2019 (Q4 2018: 1,679MW). Overall, the company received orders to deliver 1,616 wind turbines with a total output of 6,207MW in 2019 (2018: 4,754MW).
The orders received in Q4 primarily came from Europe (70%), as well as Latin America (20%) and North America (10%). The company received further orders from Chile (67 MW) and the USA (154 MW) in addition to the incoming orders already announced.
The performance on the European market has been highly dynamic over the past year, with around 3,161 MW (2018: 2,145 MW) or around 51% of the order volume attributable to this region. In particular, high demand from Turkey, Spain, the Netherlands and the market entry in the Ukraine compensated for the continued weakness of the German market. The US market (North America region) performed similarly well, making a contribution of 1,767 MW (2018: 721 MW) or more than 28% to the total order volume. Around 18% or 1,122 MW (2018: 1,190 MW) of orders came from Latin America. The company received an additional order from Australia, which means that 158 MW (2018: 699 MW) or 3% of orders were attributable to the Rest of the World region.
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