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SE has modernised its European production centre in Rostock in line with industrial principles. The aim was to improve the efficiency and production quality of the plant.

With this in mind, the company has converted the nacelle and switch cabinet factory to continuous flow production. Nordex has set up three lines for the main components – the nacelle, hub and drive train and three further lines for pre-assembly. The company decided in favour of a rail system with friction wheel drive. For this the technology had to be adapted to the existing hall layout. The most suitable solution proved to be a skid system with an angular transfer unit designed to take heavy weights. For construction of the switch cabinets the skids are moved by a drag chain conveyor. In this way Nordex has converted the entire nacelle assembly to continuous flow.

Standardised work processes and shorter throughput times have made it possible to triple capacity in the two-shift operation from 330 to around 1,000 turbines a year. This equates to output of 2,500MW. The manufacturer has reduced the production time and rotating stock by some 30 per cent.
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