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Gamesa has confirmed that the Technology Centre will be located at Strathclyde Business Park, about eight miles east of Glasgow. The recruitment process has started and it will be completed with around 40 engineering staff by July/August, with the potential to grow this to more than 100 by the end of this year,  rising to 180 within three years.

It is due to be officially opened in the autumn. Gamesa has indicated it is also prepared to invest in manufacturing, logistics and operations & maintenance (O&M) in Scotland, conditional upon development of offshore wind projects in the area, securing government support and the availability of sites for prototypes. If implemented successfully, Gamesa's offshore plan could represent an investment of around € 50 million in Scotland and create 300 direct jobs in the country. The company is working to launch two offshore platforms (G11X-5.0 MW and G14X-6/7 MW) and it has also announced that the UK will be the centre of its offshore wind business. It plans to invest over € 150 million there by 2014.
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