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The order intake of the Nordex Group grew by 33.6% to € 3.30 billion in 2016 (2015: € 2.47 billion). The geographical distribution of 2016 orders mirrored the intended broadening of Nordex’ market footprint following the acquisition of Acciona Windpower effective 1 April 2016.

Consequently, the share of South and North American orders increased to 34% of the total 2016 order intake (2015: 10%). Orders from South American countries amounted to € 560 million, and the United States (US) contributed € 550 million of new orders. US volumes included € 170 million of “safe harbour” transactions with which Nordex secured tax incentives for its customers for wind farm construction in subsequent years. “Safe harbour” orders are expected to eventually result in additional orders that will exceed the originally contracted volume by a significant multiple. Europe and Africa contributed 65% of total order volume (2015: 90%). Nordex cemented its strong position at home with new orders of more than € 1.17 billion in Germany (2015: € 915 million).

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