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In the second quarter of the year, customers ordered turbines from Nordex with a total output of 2,003.3MW (Q2 2018: 1,089.8 MW) for wind farm projects in 12 countries. The Nordex Group recorded orders totaling 3,038.4MW (excluding the service business) in the first six months of the year (H1 2018: 2,097.3 MW).
Second quarter figures were primarily driven by demand from the USA, which at 1,134.9 MW was the most important single market for Nordex. The past quarter also saw the first orders of the new Delta4000 turbine generation for projects in the USA. This turbine series accounted for around 34% of total orders in the second quarter.
Europe accounted for 37% of orders in the first half of 2019, North America for 37% as well and Latin America for 21%. Australia (Rest of the World region) contributed 5%. The projects not reported individually are mainly located in Brazil, the USA, Finland, Germany, Turkey and Ireland.
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