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World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO) is a newly-founded non-profit association and dedicated to fostering the global growth of offshore wind. WFO is registered as a non-profit organisation (e.V.) in Germany, with offices in Hamburg and Singapore.
WFO will work with governments around the world to discuss and advance the key political parameters required to deploy offshore wind energy. On a corporate level, WFO’s members will benefit from its global knowledge exchange activities. WFO was founded by the following nine international companies along with the US Business Network for Offshore Wind, which represents over 200 member businesses in the USA:
  • EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH
  • E.ON Climate & Renewables GmbH
  • Green Giraffe BV
  • innogy SE
  • Marsh GmbH
  • Northland Power Inc
  • Suzlon Energy Limited
  • US Business Network for Offshore Wind
  • Watson Farley & Williams LLP
WFO will held its first event, the 1st Global Offshore Wind Summit, on March 5 and 6, 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan.
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