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nabraliftNabrawind, Tetrace and Comansa have set up a joint venture named Navassy which will be responsible for the manufacturing and installation process of the Nabralift self-erecting system.

The partners have reached an agreement to provide Navassy with the necessary know-how and investment for the design, manufacture and operation of the self-erecting system.
Comansa will be responsible for the supply of the self-erecting equipment, combining its know-how in lifting systems with the technology developed and patented by Nabrawind. Tetrace will act as field assembly’s main subcontractor.
The self-erecting system to be developed by Navassy, called SES 2.0 (Self-Erecting System), represents an evolution from the prototype used by Nabrawind in the installation of the first tower in Navarre (Spain). The new generation of the self-erecting system focuses on reducing the time and costs associated with field assembly. Navassy will market the self erecting system worldwide.
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