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Nabrawind Technologies has been awarded from the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program, which will provide financing to the Spanish company for a value of € 1.7 million. Horizon 2020 funds will be used by Nabrawind to drive the market entry of their two technologies, the Nabralift self-erecting tower, which can exceed 200 meters in height, and the Nabrajoint modular blade joint, which simplifies the transport of blades of more than 70 metres in length.


In 2018, the company successfully installed a 160 metres high self-erecting tower prototype in Eslava (Navarra, Spain) and completed full-scale tests of its modular blade joint. It was also recently announced that in 2020 Nabrawind will install a tower in Africa with a height of 144 metres. Nabrawind Technologies next step aims to overcome the 200 metres height

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