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Moventas has announced  the launch of new custom-built Mobile Service Units for wind gears. Moventas now offers full helical up-tower service on non-Moventas gears as well as Moventas-made gears.

Designed to support Moventas’ up-tower field service program, the self-contained, climate-controlled mobile workshops are outfitted with a retractable roof, a power generator, plumbed air lines, a parts wash basin, and an induction heater. The four units are strategically located throughout North America. The mobile service units are stocked with proprietary uptower tools and equipped with cutting and welding capabilities. Up-tower services include full helical repair, high speed pinion & bearing repair, intermediate and low speed assembly, as well as planetary sun pinion repair. In the case of a full helical repair, each gearbox Moventas services up-tower is equipped with CMaS, Moventas’ condition management system, free of charge. Additional up-tower services include end of warranty inspections, remote condition monitoring, generator alignment and pitch tube repair solutions on Winergy and Rexroth models.
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