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Iberdrola will invest € 32 billion over the period between 2018-2022. More than 90% of total amount will be allocated to regulated activities or long-term contracts. € 15.5 billion (nearly 50% of total) will be invested in networks, € 11.5 billion (37% of total) in renewables and € 2.8 billion (9%) in generation and retail. The remaining 4%, some € 1.4 billion will be allocated to contracted generation. The bulk of planned investments - 75% - are already committed or practically secured.

Thanks to these investments, the company expects renewable capacity to increase by 24% from 2017 year-end to 36,200MW. Its storage capacity will also grow from the current 80 gigawat/hour (GWh) to 100 GWh at the end of the period (+25%).

In 2017, Iberdrola posted net profit of €2.804 billion, a 3.7% increase compared with the previous year. Net operating profit (Ebitda) was €7.319 billion during the period (-7.3%), due to the poor performance of business in Spain as a result of the low hydroelectric production during the period. By business, networks Ebitda increased 3.6% to €4.288 billion, and renewables grew 6.1%, to €1.592 billion. However, the generation and retail area reduced their Ebitda by 29%, to €1.601 billion.

According to the company’s plans, Ebitda will be between €11.5 billion and €12 billion at the end of the period. It is expected that 84% of the group's gross operating profit (Ebitda) for 2022 will come from regulated activities or with long-term contracts. By business, and above the mentioned range of €11 billion-12 billion the contribution to the Group's Ebitda is at 50% for networks, 27% for renewables, with the contribution from the wholesale and retail at 16% and contracted generation at 7%.

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