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Goldwind’s WTG backlog has reached over 18GW in 3Q 2018, representing the peak level in history. The company’s revenue was RMB 17,816 million, rising 4.8% YoY.
Net profits attributable to owners of the parent company were RMB 2,419 million, rising 5.4% Goldwind’s attributable connected wind farm capacity was 4,197MW; attributable under-construction capacity was 3,236MW.
According to the statistics, through January to September 2018, the capacity of domestic public tender market in China was 23.9GW, an increase of 12.1% YoY. The company’s WTG backlog continued to increase in 3Q 2018. As of 30 September 2018, the company’s signed backlog totalled 12.96GW, increasing 34.7% YoY; successful bid totalled 5.25GW. The company expects that its net profit attributable to shareholders of the company for the year of 2018 will increase by 0% to 50% YoY.
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