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evlo Hydro QuebecHydro-Québec has launched EVLO Energy Storage (EVLO), a subsidiary that designs, sells, and operates energy storage systems. These storage systems are intended mainly for power producers, transmission providers and distributors, as well as the commercial and industrial markets for medium- and large-scale storage.
Their modular design means that they can be scaled to meet a wide variety of needs. EVLO systems also include power control and energy management software.
Further EVLO has announce that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Innergex énergie renouvelable to participate in the Tonnerre project, in France. This project involves the installation of a 9MWh storage system in the transmission system operated by France’s national transmission provider, RTE, under a long-term agreement between RTE and Innergex, to help meet France’s capacity requirements. The system is slated for commissioning in 2021.
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