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Enertrag Operation has announced that its product “rotor blade inspection including lightning protection system (LPS) measurement” by drone will also be offered as a license model starting next year.
In the process developed, the rotor blades of wind turbines are flown over. During this process, a high-resolution camera mounted on the drone takes images of the rotor blades from different angles, which can then be analyzed in detail. At the same time, a field strength meter, which is also attached to the drone, detects a voltage applied to the root of the blade by means of a high-voltage generator along the lightning protection line of the rotor blade. In the event of an interruption, this can be localised using the data collected. Enertrag Operation will also continue to offer drone inspection as a service. By expanding the service portfolio to include the licensing model, the technology is now opening up to new markets and customers. The drone inspection was developed by the partners Enertrag Operation and Sulzer Schmid Laboratories and launched in May 2022.
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