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As part of the transaction to acquire and integrate innogy, E.ON has transferred its renewables business to RWE. Industrial-scale renewables facilities had been a key focus of E.ON’s growth strategy since 2007 and since then the company has invested €12 billion in renewables.
E.ON has built or is building a total of 9,000MW of renewables projects worldwide. Out of the 9,000MW E.ON built with partners partially approximately 6,800MW are owned by E.ON. 1,500 employees were transferred with these assets to RWE.
Even after the transfer E.ON will remain committed to renewables. The company will offer residential customers as well as industrial, commercial, and municipal customers individually tailored solutions for producing green power. In addition, E.ON will expand its business of marketing energy-efficiency solutions to business customers and enabling them to produce renewable energy using solar and small-scale wind facilities.
Another step of the transaction will be for E.ON to transfer innogy’s renewables business to RWE. This will take place as soon as possible in 2020.
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