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As anticipated, E.ON’s 2018 adjusted EBIT of €3 billion was only slightly (€85 million) below the prior-year figure of €3.1 billion and thus at the upper end of its forecast range.
Due to a reduction in interest expenses and taxes, E.ON’s adjusted net income of €1.5 billion was slightly (about €100 million) above the prior-year figure of €1.4 billion. The Renewables segment increased its adjusted EBIT by €67 million to €521 million. The principal factor was an increase in output due to the inclusion of new wind farms in the United States for the entire year for the first time and the commissioning of a new offshore wind farm in the UK. For 2019 E.ON anticipates adjusted EBIT of €2.9 to €3.1 billion and adjusted net income of €1.4 to €1.6 billion.
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