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Deutsche Windtechnik has acquired 70 per cent of OutSmart's shares and the companies will merge their complementary fields of expertise. OutSmart focuses on offshore operations management and management services and Deutsche Windtechnik is a provider of independent technical maintenance for wind turbines, onshore and offshore.

The management of the new OutSmart group will include the current OutSmart managing directors Dennis Schiricke, Erwin Coolen and Maarten de Keijzer. They also hold the remaining 30 per cent of the shares. Jens Landwehr and Geert Timmers, Managing Director at Deutsche Windtechnik BV, will also be appointed to the management board. OutSmart's headquarters in Velp (The Netherlands) as well as the Operations Control Centre in Emden and the office in Hamburg (Germany) will remain. The name OutSmart will also be kept until further notice.

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