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Mark Coplen 300 200Crowley named Mark Coplen as vice president of project management for Crowley Wind Services. In his role, Coplen will expand Crowley Wind Services’ project management capabilities to support customers in its offering of engineering, procurement and construction management for the offshore wind market.
Crowley is underway with development and planning for wind terminals in California, Louisiana and Massachusetts. In addition, the company’s Crest Wind joint venture with Esvagt recently announced the construction of a service operations vessel for Coastal Virginia’s wind energy project, in addition to Crowley providing feedering vessel services and other supply chain solutions. The company’s growth in wind energy solutions led to the launch of Wind Services as a stand-alone business unit in 2021. Coplen previously served as president of Ventolines, an offshore wind consulting company, and as vice president of AdBm Technologies, a company that patented an underwater noise abatement solution for the foundations of fixed-base turbines to reduce impacts on marine life.
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