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Ingeteam has achieved a new record year for the deliveries of its wind power converters worldwide in 2016. With nearly 5GW of new capacity added in 2016 alone, a total of 36,414MW of wind turbines have been equipped with Ingeteam’s technology since 1995. Ingeteam did especially well in emerging wind markets. Deliveries to India and Brazil reached a peak volume of 1,268MW and 837MW, respectively, in 2016.

According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of India, the country’s total wind power capacity has reached more than 28GW, with an additional 3,612MW installed in 2016 alone. Ingeteam ended 2016 with more than 35% of the wind power capacity installed in the country that year. To date, 9% of all wind power capacity in India is equipped with Ingeteam’s technology.

By December 2016, over 10,740MW was being generated by wind farms in Brazil, according to data from GWEC. In 2016, installed capacity has increased by an additional 2,014MW, which represents a 41% market share for Ingeteam for that year and 23% of the total market to date. In 2016 the company increased the volume of their deliveries by 32% compared to 2015.

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