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#WWEAwebinar: Wind Power Permitting (II)
Wednesday 03 November 2021  -  Wednesday 03 November 2021
13:00-15:00 h Central European Summer Time. 
Measuring Performance of Permitting Processes: The Wind Power Planning and Permitting Index WPPPI
In light of the urgency to accelerate the deployment of wind power and in order to measure the implementation performance of countries, WWEA has created the Wind Power Planning and Performance Index WPPPI. WPPPI measures the duration of the planning and permitting process as well as the predictability and reliability of these processes. In total, 23 countries have provided data which allow to set up a ranking. Accordingly, WPPPI allows to compare them with each other - plus to evaluate potential future changes.The obtained data shows: Wind farm planning requires too much time. Without accelerating approval and planning processes, it will become challenging for many countries to meet the climate goals.
It is important to underline that the WPPPI is not a market performance index, as there are several other important factors which determine the wind power deployment rates, like after all the remuneration scheme. 
During the WWEAwebinar, the report will be presented in detail, followed by interventions from wind power practitioners and experts: 
  • Stefan Gsänger, WWEA Secretary General 
  • Davide Astiaso Garcia, Secretary General Italian Wind Energy Association ANEV
  • Milan Nitzschke, Managing Director SL Naturenergie
  • Jami Hossain, REWS/WWEA India 
  • Everaldo Feitosa, Eolica Brazil 
Click here for the detailed programme of the webinar and here to register.
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