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WWEAwebinar:Grid integration
Thursday 02 July 2020  -  Thursday 02 July 2020
Thursday, 2 July 2020, 11:00-13:00 h Central European Summer Time
A key condition to reach a high wind power penetration and ultimately a 100% renewable energy power supply is the integration of wind power into the energy systems, in connection with other renewable energy sources. Accordingly, the #WWEAwebinar on Grid Integration of Wind Power will discuss the main characteristics, challenges, solutions and concrete applications of successful wind power integration.
As indicated in the complete title "Grid integration: System balancing, backup and storage, interconnections, demand and supply forecasting”, the webinar will present all aspects and approaches for wind power integration.
Top experts from Australia, China, Denmark, Germany and India will present the general conditions as well as the specific situation in their countries and long-term scenarios which reflect the need for deploying smart grid, storage and other solutions.
Click here for the detailed programme of the webinar. 
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