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Community Power – Partnerships for Developing Countries
Wednesday 24 June 2020  -  Wednesday 24 June 2020
Wednesday, 24 June 2020, 14:00-17:00

As part of the #WWEAwebinars, the webinar will bring together actors and (community) projects in the developing world with potential partners, also from industrialised countries. Community representatives will present their planned initiatives, and potential partners – including cooperatives, commercial developers and a successful crowdfunding platform – will add their expectations and views. Speakers will introduce community projects in Argentina, Chile, Ethiopia, Mali, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Uganda as well as Zimbabwe. 
In addition, the webinar will discuss how to establish a platform that fosters investment partnerships, also potentially in collaboration with international organisations – experts from IRENA and UNIDO will join the panel of speakers as well.
The webinar is organised in collaboration with The African Platform for Community Power and Rural Electrification, Mali Folkecenter Nyetaa and UNIDO.
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