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Publisher's Note January February 2014

What Will the Future Bring for the Offshore Industry?

Offshore 2013, which was organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), took place between 19 and 21 November 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. This event provided the latest information, predicted trends, showcased new innovations and connected key industry and political people.

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Publisher's Note November December 2013

The European Offshore Market

Offshore 2013, which is organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), will take place between 19 and 21 November 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. This event will provide the latest information, predict trends, showcase new innovations and connect key industry and political people. This will be the meeting place to get up to date about the current state of the offshore market and meet with the major players. Currently, the market is dominated by just a few players, but other companies such as Gamesa and Samsung are also becoming involved.

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Publisher's Note October 2013

 Bigger and Taller

Many turbine manufacturers are focusing on increasing capacity by developing bigger turbines. Vestas, for instance, is working on its V164-8.0MW. Recently the company’s test bench at its global testing centre in Aarhus, Denmark, has started operation. The 20MW test bench is capable of testing the full nacelle of the V164-8.0MW, validating the performance, robustness and reliability of the turbine over a simulated 25-year lifetime. Samsung is developing its 7MW turbine, and the prototype 7MW offshore wind turbine has been delivered to Narec’s new test facilities in Blyth, Northumberland, UK. Initially, Samsung’s nacelle will be used to commission Narec’s independent 15MW capacity test facility, before a six-month testing programme begins on the nacelle. Furthermore, Gamesa recently installed its first offshore wind turbine with 5MW of nominal power at the Arinaga Quay in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). These are just a few examples and other manufacturers are working on bigger turbines as well.

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Publisher's Note September 2013

Looking to the future

Self-supply of electricity is currently a much discussed topic. It is an old idea that was given new life 15 years ago by the ‘Windvogel’ cooperative in the Netherlands, an association that now has over 3,000 members. The cooperative has recently launched the idea of creating a sustainable energy supply for all Dutch citizens using a thousand 7.5MW wind turbines. The wind turbines would be owned by the citizens, who would then be both the producers and users of renewable energy. The Windvogel model, like other similar community projects being initiated around the world, has the potential to change the current energy market, at the same time as supporting local economies and conserving the planet by increasing the amount of renewable energy available to citizens. In the article on page 7 you can read about the Windvogel plan, and its opportunities and obstacles.

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Publisher's Note July August 2013

New Initiatives from Global Alliances

Nowadays, in most countries where wind energy is already deployed, the majority of the people are in favour of this energy source. The industry is facing a hard time not because people oppose it but due to the lack of support from governments. I have said it before, and I am afraid probably not for the last time: we need long-term plans to create a stable industry.

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Publisher's Note June 2013

Solutions for success – maybe we need a radical rethink?

This year from 6 till 8 May Windpower 2013 was organised in Chicago, a hub for the US wind energy. Nearly 10,000 attendees and 600 exhibitors participated in the show. Resonating throughout the 2013 conference were calls for industry stability. Now that American wind power is becoming more mainstream, it is time, speakers said, to bring stability to the industry. During the opening session, Gabriel Alonso (EDPR Renewables North America CEO and new AWEA Board Chair) expounded on how the industry will achieve that stability. Among his five ‘pillars’ for a strong industry, he urged that the industry strengthen its voice through increased participation in advocacy efforts.

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Publisher's Note April May 2013

Solid growth in 2012 for wind energy

The Global Wind Energy Council recently released its 2012 market statistics, showing continued expansion of the market, with annual market growth of almost 10%, and cumulative capacity growth of about 19%.

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