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HUSUM Wind, the home of the wind industry with a German touch

From 12 to 15 September 2017 HUSUM Wind was once again the home of the wind industry for a week. Visitors and exhibitors discussed technical innovations and political conditions, made new contacts and filled their order books. A total of around 700 exhibitors from Germany and 25 other countries came together in Husum. The number of visitors at around 20,000 remained stable compared to 2015 and most of the time the aisles in the halls were packed with people.

The attendees demonstrated how strong their nerves were and how the wind industry sticks together during Storm Sebastian, which made it necessary to evacuate Halls 1–4 on Wednesday afternoon. In the rest of the show area the day continued with plenty of networking at various stand parties, and the trade fair continued as planned on Thursday as if nothing had happened.

Traditionally, many OEMs introduce new turbines during the show. Senvion has launched its new products, the 3.7M144 EBC and 3.6M118 NES turbines. The turbines are especially well suited for low and high wind sites respectively and are available for sale immediately.

GE Renewable introduced its new 4.8MW turbine model. The 4.8MW wind turbine, GE's first onshore entry in the 4MW space, is equipped with 77-metre-long carbon blades, a 158 metre rotor and a range of tip heights up to 240 metres.

Also Enercon announced new wind energy converters for the 3MW segment. E-126 EP3 and E-138 EP3 are designed for sites with moderate and low winds respectively.

Nordex has now also entered the 4MW class with the N149/4.0-4.5 turbine. The turbine has been designed specifically for light wind regions, has a 30% increase in rotor sweep and a variable power output of 4.0 to 4.5MW.

One of the smaller players, eno energy, presented its eno 114 and eno 126, both with a capacity of 4.8MW, during HUSUM Wind this year. The turbines are available with towers with hub heights of 92 up to 162 metres.

Siemens Gamesa did not introduce new products this time but presented itself for the first time as one company. Currently the company is determining its portfolio strategy and it is expected that it will announce more details about where the company is heading around November of this year.

The success of the event indicated that a wind energy show in Husum is still justified. Many people from around the world travelled to the small city in northern Germany to see the latest trends in the industry and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the show and the town. HUSUM Wind attracts a different kind of visitor than other shows in Europe and around the world, which makes a trip to Husum worthwhile. At HUSUM Wind you are able to talk more with the hands-on type of people manning the booths. Also the focus is more on technical issues than at other shows. So HUSUM Wind is a perfect fit with Windtech International and in future issues we will keep you updated about new innovations we saw at this year’s show.

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