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WindESCo recently worked alongside Greencoat Capital and its turbine OEM to further increase the output and profitability of its wind farm. Greencoat Capital, an infrastructure fund manager, used WindESCo’s SaaS Find, Fix, Measure (FFM) to identify 2.2% in additional Annual Energy Production (AEP).
Find, Fix, Measure’s patented algorithms detect issues through high speed SCADA, rather than the industry standard 10-minute SCADA. From this, issues are able to be monitored and detected remotely with more accuracy and less overhead. Through the analysis, an average of 3.8 issues anomalies affecting annual energy production (AEP) per turbine were identified. The issues detected included yaw misalignment, as well as rated power anomalies and pitch optimization which were detected on every turbine analyzed by WindESCo. Once identified, WindESCo worked directly with Greencoat and the OEM, which holds the full service agreement, to implement parameter changes to fix issues on the turbines. WindESCo then performed ongoing audits to validate the OEM’s proposed solution which validated the effectiveness of the changes.