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Magnetek, Inc. has announced it has received an initial production order to deliver 60 wind power inverters valued at more than US$7 million.

Magnetek's digital wind power inverters transform variable-frequency alternating current (AC) from wind turbine generators into the steady flow of 60-cycle AC needed to feed the utility power transmission grid. In 2003, Magnetek entered into an agreement with a wind power company to develop power inverters for large, multi-megawatt wind turbines. The first 60 wind inverters to be delivered by Magnetek beginning in mid-2007 are a result of that agreement. Under a separate supply agreement reached in October of this year, Magnetek will provide inverters for an initial period of one-year with customer options to extend the agreement in subsequent years. If exercised, the options could produce incremental revenues of more than $60 million for Magnetek through 2011.
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