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Vestas, has designated the Port of Vancouver, USA as the exclusive port of entry for all of its wind energy projects in the Columbia River region.

This guarantees heavy-lift project cargo business for the port's new LHM 500S mobile harbor crane, which is the largest of its kind in North America. On Friday, September 8, Jens Soby, president of subsidiary Vestas American Wind Technology, Inc., announced the three-year agreement. The giant, $3.2 million crane was acquired in part to help unload the gigantic generators, blades and hubs for Pacific Northwest wind farms off of incoming vessels. The crane is capable of lifting 140 metric tons with a 60-foot outreach and can turn on a dime in any direction. In addition to weighing close to 500 tons, the engine is powered by a 12-cylinder MAN diesel engine, which is biodiesel-compatible, in compliance with the port's policy to use alternative fuels in its equipment fleet.
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