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Vestas has received an order totalling 253MW for four separate projects in Russia from Wind Energy Development Fund (WEDF), a joint investment fund created by OOO Fortum Energy and Rusnano.
The projects, Novoalekseevskaya, Grazhdanskaya, Ivanovskaya, and Pokrovskaya, have all been developed by WEDF following the award to the fund of 1 GW in the 2017 renewable energy auction in Russia. For the 100 MW Grazhdanskaya project, the 50 MW Ivanovskaya project and the 86 MW Pokrovskaya project Vestas will supply and install V126-4.2 MW turbines delivered in 4.55 MW power optimised mode. The Novoalekseevskaya project, at 17 MW, will consist of four V126-4.2 MW turbines. The Grazhdanskaya, Ivanovskaya, and Pokrovskaya projects are located in southwest Russia near the city of Samara. Turbine deliveries for these three projects are planned for the second quarter of 2022 and full commissioning anticipated for late 2023. The Novoalekseevskaya project is situated in the Kotovsky district of the Volgograd region, and will see turbines delivered in the third quarter of 2021, with full project commissioning due in the second quarter of 2022.
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