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TenneT and National Grid have announced plans for a first-of-its-kind electricity link that will connect offshore wind between the Netherlands and the UK. 
LionLink could connect Dutch wind farms to the electricity grids of both countries via a subsea high voltage electricity cable, called a multi-purpose or hybrid interconnector. LionLink is a multi-purpose interconnector, which is designed to link offshore wind farms simultaneously to neighbouring markets via sub-sea interconnectors. Multi-purpose interconnectors will help to accelerate the delivery of offshore wind, while mitigating the impact on coastal communities with fewer individual connections and reduced infrastructure. Under the terms of the development agreement, TenneT and National Grid Ventures will explore the potential of LionLink, a multi-purpose interconnector (MPI) to simultaneously connect up to 2 gigawatts of offshore wind between the British and Dutch electricity systems. In the next few years, studies on and offshore will commence, including further analysis of existing developments and proposals, as part of an integrated European grid. In the development phase more research will also be conducted to develop a sound business case and a wider analysis of the socio-economic costs and benefits.  The development phase is expected to result in a final investment decision in the middle of this decade.