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Windlab Developments Tanzania has been awarded an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Certificate for the construction of the Miombo Hewani Wind Farm and Transmission line project, located 10 kilometres north of Makambako, in Southern Central Tanzania. Miombo Hewani has been approved for up to 300MW of capacity.
It will be built in phases; the first phase of the project will be around 100MW and include up to 34 wind turbines as well as electrical infrastructure connecting the wind farm to national electricity grid at the Makambako substations. The first phase alone will bring up to US$ 300 million of investment to the country. To help fund the investment required to develop the project Windlab was successful at securing an Energy and Environment Partnership grant from Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Windlab will seek to secure further development finance investment to assist with the construction of the project. The ESIA Certificate is the first to be issued in the country for a wind farm project.
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