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Deepwater Windenergy Investment AB (DWI), a Swedish renewable energy developer specialised in floating offshore wind power, has entered into a cooperation agreement with Powerchina Beijing Engineering Corp. Ltd.

According to the agreement, Powerchina Beijing Engineering will evaluate the offshore wind power projects developed by DWI and have the option of joining the projects as lead investor. In its project development, DWI employs the “DWI Power Station” –a floating, rotating, multi-turbine offshore wind power plant. The installed capacity of the DWI Power Station ranges from 36 to 86 MW per plant, it has an onboard crew capacity of 2 or 10, is moored to the seabed and is equipped with 18 or 24 turbines per plant. In deep water offshore environments (>50 m), the DWI Power Station enables–due to its size, multi-turbine configuration and capability to align itself to the wind direction.

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