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Sumitomo Corporation has completed the purchase of shares in two offshore wind farm projects (Belwind and Northwind) off the coast of Belgium from Parkwind NV (Parkwind).

The Belwind project is located on the Bligh Bank in the Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone of the North Sea, approximately 46 kilometres off the coast of Belgium and has a production capacity of 165MW. The Northwind project is also located in the North Sea, on the Lodewijk Bank, approximately 37 kilometres off the Belgian coast and has a capacity of 216MW. The Belwind project has been in operation since late 2010. The construction of the Northwind project was completed at the end of June 2014 and is now also in operation. Sumitomo acquired a 39.02% stake in the Belwind project and a 30.00% stake in the Northwind project. Furthermore, Sumitomo and Parkwind are working together on the development of the Nobelwind project, a 165MW offshore wind farm adjacent to the Belwind wind farm.

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