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STX Finland, Meriaura. and Hafmex have recently signed a cooperation agreement by which the companies form a consortium to develop a cost-efficient overall solution for Finnish offshore windparks. Through a ‘design-to-cost’ project the consortium seeks to reduce offshore windpark costs significantly.

The project examines the whole life-cycle of offshore windparks from design, engineering and measurements to building, operations and maintenance, including also potential wind turbine refurbishment and decomissioning. Energy companies and IPPs developing offshore wind parks and wind turbine manufacturers are also involved in the project. Early results indicate that offshore windparks may be possible in the northern Baltic Sea more cost-effectively than previously thought. Meriaura is specialised in project cargo and transporting industrial bulk and raw materials for its customers on the Baltic Sea and in Europe. Hafmex Engineering Oy focuses on wind turbine generator service, operations and maintenance.
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