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Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables will add 70MW of installed wind capacity in the Canary Islands, according to the Spanish firm. Gas Natural will receive special tax support for the project under an initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism to add 450MW of installed wind capacity on the islands.

Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables has planned 46MW in Gran Canaria, which correspond to nine facilities (Piletas I, La Vaquería, Doramas, Triquivijate, Montaña Perros, La Sal, La Sal III, Balcón de Balos and Vientos del Roque). The company has planned two facilities in Fuerteventura (Tablada and Moralito), totalling 18.4MW and they have one facility planned in Tenerife (La Morra) with a capacity of 6.3MW. The company  will now continue with the process to obtain all the remaining permits needed for construction in order for the projects to begin operating before 31 December 2018, the deadline set by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in the regulations governing the quota.

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