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Siemens has received an order from TenneT for an offshore wind farm grid connection in the North Sea. In a consortium with Petrofac Siemens will supply the complete technology for efficient direct-current transmission for the BorWin3 grid connection as the consortium leader.
The consortium partner Petrofac will be responsible for the construction and offshore installation of the project's platform. Supply and laying of the cables was tendered separately by TenneT and is therefore not part of the consortium's scope of supply. The scope of supply includes the entire high-voltage equipment of the grid access system as well as the complete onland station. Both converters, which are meant to turn the alternating current into the direct current one and then back again, constitute an essential part of the installation. In addition to this, Siemens supplies two power transformers per station at a rating of about 670 MVA as well as the entire air and gas insulated high-voltage switchgear equipment. Furthermore, Siemens is in charge of the overall construction works of the onland station. The high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter modules and power transformers are going to be designed, manufactured and tested at the Siemens converter factory in the city of Nuremberg.
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