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Forewind’s second of two planned meteorological masts was erected at Dogger Bank using the suction installed Bucket Foundation and a “human free” technique for the steel tower placement.
The Dogger Bank Met Mast West will provide essential wind, wave and other weather information, as well as marine traffic data for the Dogger Bank offshore wind energy development. It is located approximately 150 kilometres from the UK coast. The met mast was Installed by Fred. Olsen United utilising the 132 metres jack-up vessel Brave Tern. The foundation, designed by Universal Foundation, was installed by applying suction in the bucket, to pull it into the seabed. Hundreds of water jets integral to the base steered the foundation to keep it level during its installation. Next the 93-metre lattice tower was manoeuvred into place using a “human free” technique employing guide cones. Dogger Bank Met Mast West will now be set-up and commissioned and it is expected to be fully operational by the end of September.
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