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Dudgeon Offshore Wind (owned by Statoil ASA and Statkraft) has awarded Seaway Heavy Lifting the contract for the transportation and installation of 67 foundations and 1 substation as part of the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm project.
The contract will cover storage, transportation and installation of monopiles, transition pieces, jackets and the offshore substation jacket and topside. The monopiles to be installed vary from 60-78 metres in length and 600 –1000 Mt in weight. The substation topside weight is estimated to 2000 Mt. The installation work will commence between March and May 2016 and be completed in August 2016. The Seaway Heavy Lifting crane vessel “Oleg Strashnov” will be utilised for the inshore loading, transportation and installation of the monopile foundations from a storage site to the offshore Dudgeon installation site. The “Oleg Strashnov” is a self-propelled DP crane vessel with a main hook capacity of 5000 Mt and a hook height of 100 metres above sea level. With a maximum deck load of 8500 Mt “Oleg Strashnov” is capable to carry 4 monopiles, 4 transition pieces and all equipment required for the installation.
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