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SeaRenergy has announced the award by Iberdrola for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm in the German Baltic Sea for two different service scopes. SeaRenergy provides inspection services, maintenance, and repair works on monopiles and transition pieces as well as client representatives for all phases of the installation of Baltic Eagle.

The execution of the project scope started in April 2023 and will continue until the end of 2024. SeaRenergy’s client representatives are involved in the installation of the monopiles and the transition pieces (TP), and will further support the seabed preparation, the cabling works and the the final installation of wind turbines, including towers and nacelles. The service includes all necessary inspection, maintenance, and repair work during the windfarm’s construction phase as well as the creation of risk assessments and method statements, handling tool and equipment logistics, project management, site coordination and deployment of qualified offshore professionals. Located in the German Baltic Sea, northeast of Rügen island, the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm of Iberdrola Germany encompasses an area of almost 43 square kilometers and includes 50 wind turbines in total, which will be installed in water depths of 40-45 meters.