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In Nowy Staw, near the city of Gdansk, the first construction vehicles will soon arrive on site, marking the start of construction for Innogy’s fourth wind farm in Poland.

19 wind turbines manufactured by REpower Systems SE with an overall installed capacity of 39MW will be built over an area of 15 square kilometres. If everything goes according to schedule, the wind farm will be commissioned as early as the beginning of 2013. The investment volume amounts to more than € 60 million. RWE Innogy is already operating three wind farms with a total capacity of approx. 108MW in Poland: Suwalki, Tychowo and Piecki. Apart from the actual construction work on site, the company will also develop the local infrastructure around Nowy Staw. This includes repair and modernisation work as well as the building of three kilometres of new roads which becomes necessary due to the wind farm construction.
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