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Romax Technology, a supplier of software tools and services for transmissions engineering, has announced that its high profile project to enable a South Korean company to develop its own wind turbine units, has successfully completed its halfway stage.

Romax is working with Hyosung, South Korea's producer of electricity systems, to help the company to design its own wind turbine units and subsequently launch South Korea as a key global player in the industry. Hyosung has been manufacturing wind turbine equipment for several years, and with Romax's support looks set to be producing its own units by 2008. Romax Technology's role in this major development project began two years after the company secured its ongoing partnership with Hyosung's Power and Industrial Systems Performance Group, following a successful pitch where it came onboard to help Hyosung to design gearbox systems for wind turbines. it has assisted in the collation of commercial and engineering market research, helped to devise the concept designs for new models and helped to select the best designs to take forward. Throughout this entire process, Romax has provided continuous testing support and also helped Hyosung achieve its GL certificate.
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