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Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. (RES Americas) has announced two grid-scale energy storage projects outside of Chicago. RES Americas will develop and construct the two 19.8MW energy storage systems, each having the ability to store 7.8MWh of energy.

Construction is expected to begin on both projects this winter with completion by August 2015. The projects are expected to operate for at least ten years. RES Americas acquired the projects during the development phase from Glidepath Power in September of 2014. The projects will both provide real-time frequency regulation service to the PJM ancillary services market and are interconnected to the local Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) electric grid. The battery storage modules for the projects will be supplied by BYD America. These batteries utilize lithium iron phosphate, an inherently safe variant of lithium battery chemistry. The energy storage control and dispatch systems will be developed and provided by RES Americas.

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