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Iberdrola Renewables has chosen PC VUE SCADA system to monitor it´s US wind farms. In its National Control Center, system analysts oversee every turbine at every wind farm throughout the US. Iberdrola Renewables uses multiple turbine types and each turbine supplier provides their own control/HMI system.

The major advantages of using PcVue as the main SCADA system is that it is not tied to any one PLC vendor so that it operates irrespectively of turbine type. Iberdrola Renewables is using OPC (and others) as the communications protocol to pull data from the various PLCs. Iberdrola uses PcVue’s OPC Data Access Client and OPC DA XML Client for exchange of real time data with communication servers, and OPC DA Server to facilitate data exchange with 3rd party applications. All of the data acquisition that occurs is routed back to the National Control Center.
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