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OX2 has now commissioned and handed over the 30 MW Ponsivuori wind farm in Southern Ostrobothnia to its owner IKEA Finland. In October 2018, IKEA Finland signed an agreement with OX2 about constructing four wind farms with a total of 25 wind turbines and a combined capacity of 107.4 MW.
The project comprises the wind farms Ponsivuori, Verhonkulma, Långmossa and Ribäcken. Ponsivuori wind farm is located in Kurikka, South Ostrobothnia and consists of 7 wind turbines from Nordex. OX2 will continue to manage the administration and operation of Ponsivuori wind farm. In addition to the Ponsivuori wind farm, OX2 also manage the Ajos wind farm for IKEA Finland.
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