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RWE npower renewables operates 23 wind farms and 18 hydroelectric plants in the UK. RWE npower renewables uses two Triton units to profile wind speed, direction, shear, and other variables at existing and prospective wind power sites.

Using the Tritons, RWE npower renewables can more confidently forecast annual energy production (AEP) by measuring wind at the heights covering the full rotor sweep of a commercial turbine, which yields the most accurate portrait of wind resources on a particular site. Before deploying its first Triton on a wind measurement campaign, RWE npower renewables tested the unit against data collected from a 60-meter met tower in northern England. The Triton and met tower data correlated extremely well with a correlation coefficient of 0.986. There was a differential in average wind speed at 60 meters of less than .9 percent, and the Triton system demonstrated a reliability of 99.8 percent.
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