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Norwegian companies team up for floating offshore wind project at Goliat oil platform in the Barents SeaOdfjell Oceanwind, Source Galileo Norge and Vår Energi have started collaborating on a pilot project for floating offshore wind at the Goliat platform in the Barents Sea. GoliatVIND is a planned floating offshore wind park connected to the Goliat platform and the existing power cable to shore.
The project is currently in an early phase, where several factors are under investigation before a concept decision and development decision can be made. This includes a regulatory framework, including incentives and licences for development from the authorities. GoliatVIND is planned with up to 75MW installed capacity. Currently, five floating wind turbines of 15 MW are planned, five to ten kilometres from the Goliat platform. The area at 71 degrees north, is located approximately 80 km northwest of Hammerfest at a depth of 3-400 meters and is ideal for the design of Odfjell Oceanwind's floating wind foundation Deepsea Star.