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Tres Amigas, LLC, a merchant transmission company focused on uniting America’s power grids, has announced the selection of Viridity Energy, Inc. to design, build and operate the power trading platform for the Tres Amigas SuperStation. Viridity Energy will provide the network and commercial operations necessary for the sale and delivery of Tres Amigas’s transmission services, associated electric energy transfers, and other ancillary products and services. Viridity supplies the system optimisation and services that are required to integrate distributed energy resources, storage, and controllable load and generation, into a firm and reliable resource on the power grid. The SuperStation will be a renewable energy market hub and balancing authority, helping to ensure the efficient and reliable flow of power from multiple renewable generation sources in all three power regions to customers across the USA, Canada and Mexico. In March 2010, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authorised Tres Amigas to sell transmission services at negotiated rates.
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