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NEL has deployed a ZephIR 300 within two of its research projects. The studies are investigating the use of ground based and turbine mounted continuous-wave (CW) Lidar (light detection and ranging) to measure the incoming wind conditions and wakes of wind turbines.
The research is being carried out at the National Wind Energy Centre run by NEL from its Myres Hill test site. The site utilises two NEG Micon 950kW wind turbines (54m rotor diameter) for the purpose of undertaking wind metrology research. Ground based measurements have been performed comparing the performance of ZephIR 300 to traditional met mast mounted cup and ultrasonic anemometers up to 30m. Following the ground based measurements the ZephIR 300 was then positioned adjacent to NEL’s 80m met mast to measure the disturbed wind profile in the wake of the two 950kW NEG Micon machines, at 3.55D and 2.55D, dependent on wind direction. Further measurements of the wake will be performed at a range of rotor diameters downstream from the turbines. As part of the second stage of research, the ZephIR 300 was mounted on the nacelle of the NEG Micon North turbine and commissioned to forecast the wind conditions in advance of the rotor. This phase of the project is investigating techniques for using turbine-mounted Lidar to measure incoming wind conditions to perform power curve measurements, optimise turbine alignment and better understand the impacts of loads on critical components.
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