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The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) has announced that its Board of Directors has selected a transmission project to meet the Long Island Offshore Wind Export Public Policy Transmission Need (Long Island Need).
The selected transmission project, Propel Alternate Solution 5, will have the transmission capability to deliver at least 3,000MW from offshore wind projects. The project will be developed by the New York Power Authority and New York Transco – a partnership called Propel NY. Propel Alternate Solution 5 will add three new underground cables connecting Long Island with the rest of the state and a 345 kV transmission backbone across western/central Long Island. The project is required to be in-service by May 2030 with an estimated capital cost of $3.26 billion. Moving forward, Propel NY is responsible for submitting this project to the appropriate governmental agencies and authorities to obtain approvals and permits to site, construct, and operate the project.