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Wind power continues to gain momentum across Canada. A recent example, the Melancthon Grey Wind Project, is one of the first utility-scale wind projects to be developed in the province of Ontario and will use 45 GE Energy’s 1.5MW wind turbines to add 67.5MW of wind capacity to the country’s growing total. Located near Shelburne, 70km northwest of Toronto, Melancthon Grey is among five new wind projects recently approved by the government of Ontario. Another of the Ontario projects, Erie Shores Wind Farm, also will feature GE Energy’s 1.5MW technology. The Canadian wind power industry recently received a major boost when the Canadian government increased its original 1,000MW Wind Power Production Incentive (WPPI) to 4,000MW. Under the WPPI, qualifying projects receive a payment of C$ 10 per megawatt hour of electricity produced from wind energy. Melancthon Grey is expected to qualify for the WPPI. The project owner and developer is Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. of Calgary, Alberta. Since 2000, Canadian Hydro has invested more than C$ 179 million in the development of seven low-impact, renewable energy projects in Alberta and British Columbia. Canadian Projects Limited of Calgary is the project manager, responsible for the overall construction. Groundbreaking for the project is expected to occur in the spring of 2005, with commercial operation expected no later than 30 March 2006.
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